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Architects and Engineers Specifications

The sound system shall cover the full frequency and dynamic range of human hearing.

The frequency response shall be from 8Hz to 22KHz within  ±2dB limits.

In order to reproduce the necessary dynamic range, no less than a total of 6800W shall be used for amplification (for a stereo pair).


Digital processing shall be in 64bit domain, which translates to a 384 dB dynamic range, which even after extensive processing decreases to a value that is, in orders of magnitude, superior to any state-of-the-art analogue system. Crossover frequencies shall be 350Hz and 6500Hz, active.

Digital amplification shall have a noise floor 10dB lower than reference analogue or digital counterparts, ensuring that any quantization and thermal noise is well below the human hearing threshold.

The mid-high frequency horn shall have Tractrix contour further optimized for uniform off-axis frequency response.

The true point source shall be ensured with a 2-inch coaxial compression driver covering from 350Hz to 22KHz in a single TX horn.

The unique coaxial compression driver shall be of state-of-the-art patented German technology.


For low frequencies, two 18-inch drivers per side with a max 60mm peak-to-peak excursion and a total of 20kg neodymium structure shall be used. In order to ensure minimal sub frequencies distortion, the excursion is lowered to a linear 30mm by reducing the total LF power from the maximum allowed 13600W to an optimal 4800W.

All the power shall be provided with more than 90% efficiency.

Overall dimensions shall not exceed 220cm H,  60cm W,  75cm D.

Weight should be about 500 kg/pair.

Price will started at 200 000 EUR.


The  Focus International,  Concept One  it is.

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